We just recently launched a game-changing feature in Officevibe that allows managers to respond to feedback they receive.

The staff member constantly stays anonymous, now a supervisor could request for more information while creating a refuge for staff members to express themselves.

I thought it would certainly be a great idea to take a look at some best practices around responding to the feedback that comes in.

The reply is so priceless, it offers you a lot of opportunities, like:

  • Making the worker really feel paid attention to
  • Getting more information to assist you
  • Solving issues quickly
  • Making employees happy
  • Making employees part of the decision-making process

But if you slip up with the reply, it could have significantly unintended effects. A worker can become also angrier, or you can not get just what you were seeking, making the entire procedure a waste of time.

Employees are additionally a lot less most likely to give you comments in the future.

The significance of the reply can’t be overstated. And also as straightforward as it could seem, there are numerous nuances that could make all the difference.

As an instance, have you ever before became aware of the negativity bias?

Our minds are wired to respond much more strongly to things we perceive as being damaging. Even if it’s not in fact damaging, however we view it to be, we’ll respond highly to it.

When it comes to emails, or any kind of text-based communication, we’re a lot more likely to regard them as unfavorable due to the fact that there’s no body language or intonation to aid interpret.

This is why it’s a lot more important for you to make use of positive language in your replies. By default, we’re perceiving them as unfavorable (also if they’re not), so you should go the additional mile to make certain it’s positive.

For the objectives of this post, I’ll focus on the reply to responses feature in Officevibe, but these tips can be applied whenever you’re replying to staff member feedback.

Questions About Replying

There are a number of inquiries that you’ll likely have when you’re initial introduced to the reply to feedback feature.

Let’s go with several of the typical ones quickly.

  1. How long do I need to respond?There’s no tough guideline like “you have to respond in 1 Day otherwise …” however certainly the quicker the better.

    Having claimed that, I would certainly take a while (even 5 mins) after checking out the comments before replying. It is necessary to assume a couple of things through, like:

    • What’s the context of this feedback?
    • Does this person have a legitimate point?
    • Is there anything I should have done distinctly to have prevented this feedback?

    Empathy is the key here.

  2. Do I have to respond to every item of feedback?No, luckily you do not. Some feedback won’t require a response, yet in some cases even a straightforward thanks can go a lengthy way.
  3. What takes place when we have 200+ responses in the system? It appears overwhelming!Yes, it could conveniently become frustrating, yet don’t fret, you’ll obtain to them ultimately. You could likewise put Labels to arrange experiences less complicated (much more on this later).

Tips For Replying To Feedback

Here are a couple of things you should understand before replying to responses. These pointers will certainly aid put you in the ideal mindset for replying.

  1. Be Grateful That You Obtained Feedback

    The most crucial point to remember is that the comments, no matter how harsh it could be, is implied to assist you and the firm improve.

    You should consider it as an opportunity, and be incredibly grateful that someone agreed to take time out of their day making your task easier.

    If you approach the whole experience from an angle of appreciation, you’ll be a lot better off when replying.

  2. Wait A Few Minutes Prior to Replying

    Chances are, the very first response of just what to write back (particularly if it’s unfavorable responses) will not be the most effective point to write.

    Take a few mins after reading it to allow it sink in and take some time to review it.

  3. Ask The Right Questions

    It’s vital to take a step back and remember why you’re doing this in the very first place. When you’re responding to feedback, you’re trying to dig deeper into the origin of the problem.

    There are two kinds of inquiries you can make use of to find what you’re looking for.

    1. Clarifying Questions merely clarify exactly what the individual was stating, like “Merely to make sure, did you indicate …” or “Did I recognize correctly when you claimed …”
    2. Probing Questions are meant to make the person submitting the responses think further about what they created, like “Why do you think this is the situation?” Or “Exactly what do you assume should happen if …”

Use Labels To Organize

One of the functions that I find people aren’t putting along with they need to are the labels.

It’s such a powerful attribute that will certainly make managing and also organizing the responses much better.

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You could produce your own labels based on whatever you really feel is very important, and also utilize them to assign and focus on all the feedback.

Then you could filter the responses based on those tags to only see exactly what pertains to you.

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Trust me, this feature will certainly make your life a lot easier.

Examples Of Comments And also Replies

As a fast refresher for just how Officevibe collects this comments, we want contextual follow-up questions.

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The appeal of this is that our response price and the top quality of the solution are so high since it’s so contextual.

When responding to this comments that you receive, you need to maintain 2 points in mind:

  1. Be (overly) positive
  2. Show empathy

As a simple example, check out the difference in between these 2 pieces of text:

  • Hey how was your day
  • Hey! How was your day?

When we read each of the 2 in our head, we obtain the sensation that the second piece of message is being claimed in a much better tone, exactly by transforming the punctuation.

Another good need to write with positivity is that people mirror our reactions, so they’ll reply with the same positivity to our message, aiding to diffuse a damaging situation.

In this following instance, look at the distinction in between these two replies.

  • I don’t remember stating that. Allow’s talk regarding it on Monday.
  • I ask forgiveness if I claimed anything that upset you, absolutely not my purpose! I in all honesty don’t also bear in mind claiming that, do you believe we could chat about it on Monday? Have a great weekend!

Again, the second response seems so much friendlier and also inviting. While the first one is succinct and to the point, it’s vital to reveal workers that you empathize as well as would certainly never want to injure them.

For these next couple of examples, I’ll make use of actual inquiries that we ask in Officevibe, and also reveal you some instances of feedback you might receive.

  • Question Asked: What could ACME do to aid you grow much more in your profession? (ex lover: training, mentorship, vision, freedom, etc.)
  • Feedback Received: A new role
  • How To Respond: I believe it’s excellent that you intend to grow at our company. Possibly we can chat about it at our following individually?
  • Question Asked: What could increase your fulfillment at ACME (clearness of desires, resources, job atmosphere)?
  • Feedback Received: I wish I had more flex time!
  • How To Respond: Certain! We enjoy to check out that, I’m exactly curious, exist certain days of the week that you desire off?
  • Question Asked: Just how should you improve acknowledgment as well as praising as a whole at ACME?
  • Feedback Received: I desire I got more recognition for several of the good ideas I have actually done outside of work.
  • How To Respond: That’s really a terrific point! I agree with you completely. Just curious, exactly how would certainly you do that? Like a month-to-month wrap-up kind of experience? I would certainly enjoy to known your thoughts.
  • Question Asked: If you could transform the main thing concerning the means your supervisor(s) connect with you, what should it be and also why?
  • Feedback Received: Include me more in the decision making process.
  • How To Respond: I had no concept that you felt that method, so many thanks for bringing that up, at the following one-on-one that you have with your supervisor, bring that point up and if you can, give particular examples.
  • Question Asked: Just what do you believe ACME could do to boost your happiness (either at the workplace or home)?
  • Feedback Received: Nothing, it’s personal
  • How To Respond: No worry, I value that. Always well known that if you ever before wish to speak, I’m below to pay attention:)

Key Takeaways

  • Take your time with the reply, it’s more vital than you think
  • Be grateful that someone made the effort to offer you feedback
  • Show empathy in your replies
  • Be positive in your replies, it’s tough to pick up on tone through text
  • Use tags to arrange your feedback